Q1. What Age do I have to be to use this chat room?

You must be over 18 – This is an adults only website with adult topics.


Q2: Is there any fees to join as a Member ?

No, we offering FREE Membership

if you can afford it want to donate anything from a $1 upwards to help pay for the website maintenance..we leave that option up to you…there is no pressure to donate anything!

Q3: What is the difference between the ‘Chat Room Area’ and the ‘Chat Box Area’ ?


A)  The ‘Chat Room Area’  is the front door to access the Chat Box Area with your user name and password..


B)  The ‘Chat Box Area’ is where you can chat to other members in the lobby or other rooms after logging in.


Q4:  How do I enter the chat room ?

 4.1 New Members

Enter Chat Room here

please ‘sign up’   – using the Register Details login Box provided at the bottom right of the page

you must provide:

– a user name
– a password
– your email address
– and agree to our terms and conditions

( Looks like this )


Enter Chat Room here

4.2 Existing Members

Enter Chat Room here

‘login’ if you are a existing  user using the login Box provided at the Top right of the Chat Room Area

( Looks like this )


Enter Chat Room here



Q5: What if I want to change Rooms after logging in ?

Yes, Simple click the drop down box top right hand side of the page to choose a new room



Q6: What features can I use with another User in
the chat room ?

 Simply right click on another user name ( top right of page)  in your  room and a list of options will come up in a menu bar including:

Private Chat – one on one without others seeing your Chat transcript.

View Profile: Find out more information about the user. Share files:

Sent them files Jpeg, Gif, Pdf and Zip files

Block User: Stop them for seeing you in a room

Unblock: Allow them to see you

Report: Report them to admin for abuse

users 1




Q7:  What Other Features are in my Chat Room ?

1. Join a room: with other users in that room chatting about a specific topic

2. Private chat: Be able to have a one one private with another online user

3. Change Fonts: personalise your  chat messages by choosing from a wide range of styles, fonts and colours.

4. Sound Effects: Use sound effects in your messages from a range of available sounds in your control panel

5. Emotions/ smilies  Tab: allows you to add smilies/emoticons to your chat messages.

6. Share Files: allows you share photos/images with other chat room users.  You can share your image with all users or privately during conversations.

7. Ring Bell: allows you to ring a bell to attract the attention of other room users.

8. Transcripts:  allows you to view a history of all current chat messages.

9. Avatars: allows you to display an avatar next to your name and chat messages


Q8. Can men Join this Chat Room?

We prefer not, as this chat room has been created as a ‘safe place’ for women only to chat with like minded women. We prefer that men do not join, from experience, as they may cause problems with unwanted comments and also may interrupt this safe place for women. We suggest you find a chat room more suitable to your requirements elsewhere!



 Q9:  What if I think a User abuses or bullies me in the Chat room ?

You have 2 options:

1. Please Report the user to Website Admin: You have a ‘button’ in the chat room  that can Report a user to us.

2. Please Block the User : You have a button in the chat room that can Block a user so that you don’t see them  in your chat window.


Q10: Is their Video Chat ?

Unfortunately, we cannot afford this option right now, however, in the future, we aim to add this amazing feature to this website!